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About LT Duck
原始标识(Original Logotype)应在使用本所有权的商品、广告、POP、产品目录、包装袋(Package)上至少标示一处,且在靠近该商品名称的部位标示。单独使用原始标识时,原则上应采用全色标识,且必须标示© (版权标识)。如标识尺寸过小而难以识别©(版权标识)时,应放大标示© (版权标识)。使用原始标识时,不得变形、颠倒、变更颜色。标示标识时,不得与其他设计元素和文字互相重叠。
2018-12-19 09:06:5520-28 Jan 2018 Chung Ying Theatre Company - The Yellow Rubber Duck Read More
2018-12-18 09:06:1421 Jul - 1 Sept 2018 LT Duck X Puzle Bear 70th Birthday Party Read More
2018-12-10 09:06:16From Apr, 2018 to now LT Duck x Just Cafe Read More
Red Plastic Tray
Blue Plastic Tray
Purple Duck
Yellow Duck
LT Duck Pencil Bag
LT Duck Small Bag
LT Duck New Year Piggy Bank
LT Duck X'mas Piggy Bank
LT Duck Piggy Bank
LT Duck Small Hand Bag